The Not-so-hidden Secret to Successful Blog Marketing

moneytree2It’s a common lament – you’ve launched a blog and have been posting FAITHFULLY to it.  Five, six maybe seven times a week you’re creating spectacular blog posts.  These are literary works of art – and NO ONE IS SEEING THEM!

You’re frustrated -you’ve spent a lot of time and energy creating these blog posts and with no blog traffic – well, you might as well have spent your time getting caught up on your favorite television shows.  However, you’re committed.  You want to make it as a blogger – so you start reading the “successful” blogs.  You know the ones – where the blog owner declares how MUCH money he or she has made blogging.  You read and you even ask questions in the comments,  hoping that maybe the succesfful blogger will share the essential information you need to make your blog a success.

I was just at one of these “succesful” blog sites – where the blogger tells you how wealthy he is because of his blog.  He entitled the blog post well, something along the lines of  “the hidden secret to blogging success”.  The comments are literally FILLED to overflowing with people BEGGING this guy for words of wisdom.

His “wisdom” is simple – a blog is just like any other “product” any “business” needs to promote.  If you’ve got a blog and you want more traffic (a.k.a. “customers”) you’re going to have to learn to market your blog.  He then gives a link to a  “blogging success” program.

Now, you may be wondering – “why doesn’t this guy just tell his readers what they need to know?”  You may be wondering, “why is he sending his readers away to learn this “secret” to blogging success.”

Here’s the scoop – even though this blogger is publishing a VERY successful blog – he really doesn’t KNOW why his blog is successful.  (In this blogger’s case – the actually tells his readers it’s because he does so much video blogging. )  Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think.  It not only happens in blogging but elsewhere in the business world as well.

I was talking on the phone today with a client of mine who is working as an outside consultant for a Fortune 1000 company.  My client has been brought in to create a customized training program for this company – much to the disgust of the current director of sales training.  It turns out that while the current director of sales training is a gifted sales person.   The company promoted him hoping he could “clone” success with the current sales staff.  Like many gifted sales people, he can’t put his finger on exactly WHAT it is that he does that makes him so successful.   Since he can’t explain exactly what it is that he does that makes him a success, my client has been hired to “document” his methodologies.

I’m grateful to this client because working with her has helped me to learn how to document exactly what steps a beginning blogger needs to take to begin marketing his or her blog.

Over the past two years, I’ve helped HUNDREDS of real people launch self hosted WordPress blogs via my business at Acumen Web Services to promote their businesses.  After about 6 months, those clients would come to me asking “now what?”

That’s why I created the 8 Week Power Blog Launch program.  The 8 Week Power Blog Launch is an 56 daily lessons to teach you everything you need to know to begin marketing your blog.  However, unlike marketing a physical product, there’s a lot of “technology” issues that you need to know in order to create a successful blog.

Learn more about the 8 Week Power Blog Launch and how it can help you learn how to market your blog successfully.