Secret to Blogging Success – Staying On Track

writinghandsCan you do it?  Can you write two- three- four times a week (or perhaps a day) about a single subject?  Do you have enough passion and even stamina to create blog post after blog post around a central “theme” or topic?

It’s something you must consider as you map your course for blogging success!

I was recently at a blog which claims to be blogging about starting an online business.  I’d been watching via my RSS feeder as the author went through methodically outlining the steps to starting a small business.  So far so good, he was creating great, tightly focused content for his newly launched blog.  “Here’s a blogger who’s destined for blogging success,” I thought.

Then, today I saw the title for his most recent blog post.  It focuses upon his diet which is the result of a myriad of health problems from which he suffers.


The blogger I observed above is making a CLASSIC blogging mistake.  He created a blog and jumped on the “blogging about making money online” bandwagon because he thinks THAT is the path to blogging success.

Unfortunately, while his blog posts titles contain essential keywords needed to help his blog do well with the search engines – his posts on “make money online blogging” lack passion and purpose.

However, as I read his current blog post on his current diet where he eschews meats, animal products or cooked foods in search of better health – I saw a spark – a bit of passion around THIS topic as opposed to his previous posts in his series of  “how to make money online blogging.”

Gary Conn has a great post on Make Money Online Writing About Things You Have Passion For where he shares this bit of inspiration and wisdom:

So my advice to you is to really sit back for a minute and figure out a topic that you have a lot of passion for. When you figure that out, apply everything that you have learned while operating a make money online blog and apply these skills to your other blog that covers a topic that you have passion for. If you do, I think soon you’ll see an increase in your month to month earnings.

See, if you find a topic you’re passionate about then creating blog posts will be literally as easy as falling off a log.  It’s when you try to pursue a “profitable” blog niche that you’ll run into trouble.  You’ll not only have trouble creating posts, you’ll have  trouble marketing your blog as well.

Choosing the right topic  – a topic about which you’re passionate about – is the most basic key to blogging success.  When you’re passionate – you’ll find it easy to stay on track – and most importantly – you’ll find your “passion” will be exposed in many if not all of your blog posts.

Successful Blogging Begins With Knowing Your Audience

Writing a blog isn’t too terribly different from other kinds of writing. Whether you want write a book…. or a blog…. or even a sales letter, if you want your writing to be successful, you need to write with your audience in mind.

For example, if you’re writing about Senator Hillary Clinton, you’d better be WELL aware of where your audience stands with regards to Ms. Clinton. If your audience is comprised of right wing conservatives, then Madame Hillary is evil. If on the other hand, your audience is comprised of left wing liberals, then your take on Ms. Clinton will be decidedly different.

However, knowing your audience goes far BEYOND political leanings. (If you aren’t sure to whom you’re speaking, leave politics and religion OUT of your writing.) If your audience is small business owners, then their interests are radically different than the interests of middle managers or even CEO’s of larger companies.

By keeping your audience in mind from the beginning, you make the marketing of your book, ebook or blog easier and more effective.

Start with the end in mind…. the end being who will be reading the magical words that you write.