Increase Blog Traffic Using Keyword Research

One way to increase blog traffic (an important step on the path to making your blog a success) is to do something that is called “keyword research”.  Let’s begin with the basics:

What is a keyword?

A keyword is just a word – or group of words – used by people to search the internet.  The only thing that makes a keyword different from any other kind of word is that a keyword is used by people to search. So the words “a”, “and”, “or” and “the” are so “generic” that they represent the rare exception to the rule.  They are real “words” that aren’t “keywords”.

Other words, such as “dog” or “cup” or “toy” are all words that can be considered to be “keywords”.  For example, hundreds of thousands of people will type in “dog toy” into the search engine each day to search for – you guessed it – dog toys.

If you’re a blog owner with a blog about dogs, then you need to know what keywords people are typing into the search engines to find information about dogs and of course, dog toys.

Some blog owners think “keyword research” involves going to Google, typing in the keyword of choice and then clicking “search”.    Actually, this is the exact OPPOSITE of keyword research.  Typing in your keyword into the search engines shows you the number of RESULTS for the keyword.  It doesn’t show you how many people are actually SEARCHING for that keyword combination.

Keyword research means using tools which enable to you “spy” on the words people are actually typing into the search engines to find what they’re seeking.

There are many free tools which will help you do keyword research.  If you’re using a self hosted WordPress blog, there’s a great plug created by Semvironmant called post keyword research.

This fabulous plug in puts the Google Keyword Tool (plus two other keyword tools) at your “fingertips” so you can easily research which word (and combination of words) people are actually using to find information.

When you begin to regularly use the words people are using to search (keywords) in your post title as well as in your post content, you’ll be amazed at the effect onyour blog traffic.  When you make a habit of using popular keywords in blog post titles and content, you’ll soon begin to see an increase in blog traffic – just by spending a few minutes doing keyword research.

Blog Post Secret of Success: Keyword Research

Looking for the best kept blog post secret of success? Look no further than the title of your blog post.

Blog Post Secret of Success:
Using the right keywords in your blog post title can make or break your blog.

SEOmoz’s CEO outlines this 4 step process in his post Run Your Blog Post Titles Through Keyword Research Before You Hit Publish

Using this mind-numbingly simple and obvious tactic every time you publish requires a bit of discipline, but if you make it part of your blogging process, you’ll see incredibly positive results over time. Not only do you earn more search traffic, but that traffic will send more links, resulting in higher rankings and a snowball effect that will make your blog the envy of its niche

It’s true, doing keyword research on your blog post titles will increase your blog’s visibility with the search engines and it’s one of the steps I outline completely in The 8 Week Blog Power Launch.

See, people use keywords to find information on the internet. In my blog post Wickedly Wise and Wonderful WordPress Plugin for Keyword Research, I use the following illustration.

There’s a song in the musical West Side Story that begins with the phrase, “I Feel Pretty”. If you search for the keyword term “I feel pretty” you get some YouTube videos featuring Adam Sandler singing the sing in Anger Management followed by some Westside Story websites which featured exactly what I needed for that post.

There’s another word for pretty and that word is beautiful. However, if you search for “I feel beautiful” you won’t find at the top of that list websites featuring the lyrics for West Side Story but instead you’ll find lyrics to another song by the similar but different title.

In creating this blog post, I began by using the Semvironment Keyword Research WordPress Plugin, I was able to research my anticipated blog title. I began by clicking on the prominent Google Keyword Tool link on the Write Blog Post page in WordPress. I then typed “Creating Blog Post Title” into the Google Keyword Tool.

blog post secrets
blog post secrets

Oops! According to this, not very many people are searching for help on creating blog post titles. However, there are a LOT of people searching for BLOG POST SECRETS- thus the headline of this blog post and the secret to making your blog a success.

Using the right keywords in your title is a significant factor in blogging success.