The EASY way to Insert an Image into a Text Widget in Word Press

Have you ever wanted to add images to your WordPress blog’s sidebar but didn’t know how?

Most people using WordPress are doing so because they aren’t experts in HTML.   Freedom from ever having to worry about a closing tag is just one of the many reasons WordPress is taking the web by storm.   With WordPress – you don’t have to learn to code in HTML to make your voice heard via the internet.

You might think you have to learn how to code in HTML though to get your site looking really “snazzy” – with specialized images in the sidebars where you link to your social media profiles and feature nifty images to promote subscription to your RSS fee.

What’s even worse is that sometimes – when you’re experimenting with trying to make images work in your sidebar – you can make a real stew out of your blog.   I’ve had more than one client make a real mess of their WordPress blogs by trying to insert images into their sidebar widget.  As a result,  I’ve had to go in and clean up more than one database thanks to creative “coding” going on in the sidebar text widget.

Fixing those kinds of problems is not pretty – it’s not fun.   So I devised a simple and easy way to help my clients get the images they want into the sidebar of their WordPress blog.

  • If you’ve ever wondered how to feature those nifty RSS subscription buttons in your blog’s sidebar.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to promote an ebook  in your blog’s sidebar and wanted to display the ebook cover design.
  • If you’ve ever wanted to put links to your Facebook or Linked In Profile in your blog’s sidebar

This ebook will show you the quick and easy way to not only get those images into the sidebar – but also how to hyperlink those images as well!

The sanity saving ebook is offered at the low – low price of $4.95. For less than the cost of 15 minutes of Virtual Assistant web help, you can add hyper linked images to your WordPress sidebar quickly and easily.

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