How to Write a Blog Post – Choosing a Topic

How to Write a Blog PostWhen it comes to a choosing a blog topic – more times than not, the topic of your blog CHOOSES you instead of the other way around.

By that I mean that one of the main components of blog success is passion on the part of the writer.  While it’s possible for someone who has never had children to write about child rearing topics – in the world of blogging, that blogger is not going to last long.

There’s an element of “transparency” in blogging which will reveal in short order the author’s lack of experience in the world of child rearing.  While it is possible to watch others undergo the rigors of parenthood – it’s almost impossible to blog and CONNECT with readers in a meaningful way if you yourself have yet to make that journey.

Passion is probably the most important part of choosing a topic for your blog because you’ll need to be passionate to be able to compose 100, 200 or more blog posts on the topic of your choosing.

While passion is important – it’s not the only necessary ingredient to a great blog topic.  Not only do you need PASSION but you also need DIRECTION.

If you choose to blog about child rearing – then you need to keep in mind the DIRECTION you’ve chosen for your blog.  There are MANY phases of child rearing – from infants to teenagers.  Most bloggers find it’s best to “stick with what they know”.    Now, if what you “know” is the “joy” of  raising a teenager AND a toddler at the same time, then by all means – blog about that topic.  You’ll find your readers are also experiencing the “joy” of raising a toddler and a teenager at the same time.

While it’s fine to make an occassional “detour” from the topics of combining potty training with driver’s training – it’s always best to tie these content “detours” back into the common thread of your blog.

Think of your blog like a magazine.  There are magazines for sports enthusiasts – parents – fishermen and business people.  Choose a topic which you can enthusiastically write endlessly about – because when you launch a blog – that’s what you’ll be doing.

You’ll find writing blog posts becomes INFINTELY easier when you choose your topic and define it carefully.

How to Write a Blog Post -the Title

How to Write a Blog PostIn advertising there’s an old saying that 80% of readers will see the headline while only 20% will read the first paragraph.  While I’m not sure if there are studies to prove that the same is true with blog posts – one thing is certain – a great blog post title is probably the most important piece of content you’ll write on your blog.

Your blog post title has many jobs to perform.  It’s primary job – of course- is to encourage readers to “dig in” and read the actual content of your blog post.  This is similar to the “job” of a newspaper story or magazine article title.    However, that’s the ENTIRE job of the magazine or newspaper story title – to encourage people to read the article.  The blog post title has to do that and a whole lot more!


See, magazine content is tightly targeted.  There are magazines about parenting -and magazines about sports – to name just two broad categories.    The magazine article title “the terrible two’s” might be a catchy title for an article on toddler temper tantrums –  and might be an equally catchy title of an article describing a struggling sports’ franchises latest woes – as in “Two straight errors, coupled with a two-run shot, cost the struggling home team…”

Same title – different meanings.  The reader of the sports magazine doesn’t expect to read an article about parenting a temperamental toddler – but if the reader has ever been the parent to such a creature – such a title would DEFINITELY not only catch the reader’s attention AND elicit an emotional response.

Your blog post title – on the other hand – has to be catchy even without the benefit of context.  The title must be catchy AND provide proper context for your article.  You don’t have the benefit of context which is enjoyed by the magazine or newspaper writer.


Not only does your blog post title have to catch the eye of the human reader – it also has to catch the attention of the search engines as well. Since 80% of all internet traffic is search driven, your blog post HAS to communicate to not only human readers – but also the search engines – what the content of your blog post is all about.

If this sounds like a tall order – to fill – it is!!  Which is why, you will want to spend CONSIDERABLE time “naming” your blog content a.k.a. choosing the title.

As you write your blog post, plan on spending 60% of your time focusing on, researching and creating an attention grabbing title which humans and the search engines will love.  Then, spend the remaining 40% of your time on the content of the blog post itself.

Yes – the blog post title is THAT important!