How to Blog

Maybe you’ve heard how EASY it is to blog.  A blog makes it easy to get your thoughts and ideas  onto the internet. A blog is made up of posts and pages.  Posts are like articles arranged in reverse chronological order.  Pages live outside of the blog posts. There are two reasons why blogs are so popular these days:

  1. Unlike “static” web sites, a visitor to a blog can leave a comment and add his or her voice to the conversation.
  2. Unlike “static” websites, a visitor can subscribe to the RSS feed.  An RSS feed is simply a text version of the posts on the blog and can be delivered via an RSS reader or via email.

Blogs are simply software that makes it easy to get content onto the web. Blogs today are being used by tens of millions of people who want to share information (content) via the internet. Sometimes that information is personal, sometimes that information is political and sometimes that information is to promote products and services offered for sale. The modern “blog” is really just an easy to use “content management system” or CMS. Some blogs are hosted on individual hosting accounts just like “regular” static websites. These types of blogs carry the “responsibilities” of domain name registration, hosting and keeping the blogging software of choice up to date. When you hear people talking about the “magic” of blogs, the real “magic” is in the ease of use.  Blogs make it EASY to get your message onto the web.  However, creating a message worth reading is still the most difficult job of all.