Blogging Tips to Develop a Successful Blog

Over the past 18 months, I’ve launched over 100 blogs on behalf of clients while maintaining several blogs of my own.

Because of all the clients I’ve helped guide through this process, I’ve been able to observe impact of blogging on businesses. I’ve watched what works… and what doesn’t work when it comes to blogging.

In finance class, you learned about P/E ratio… which is a price/earnings ratio that tells you whether a stock is fairly priced.. Well, here there are three P/E elements which are essential to developing a successful blog.

1. Passion isn’t Enough

Passion is the foundation but it won’t keep you going in the long run. You’d better have a well defined goal set for your business blog before you begin. Why are you blogging? Part of your definition had better be communicating with people because THAT is what blogging does best… communicate!

2. Planning is Essential

Once you have a goal in mind, then you can lay out a plan to achieve that goal. Simply posting random streams of consciousness won’t help you reach your goal.

3. People are a key Element

This isn’t writing for you, this is writing for your audience. Who are they? Why are they reading your blog? If you don’t know who they are or why they’re here, then you can’t give them what they want.

Don’t pass over these three key elements lightly. They are truly ESSENTIAL to developing a successful blog.