Create A Successful Blog Through Tagging

Is your blog struggling? Are you posting and no one is finding you? A basic key to creating a successful blog is to assign tags to your entries.

Blog Tutorials writes in the post Tags for Traffic writes:

So how can tags increase traffic to your blog? Tags can help increase your blog traffic by helping your SEO. Since you will be using your keywords as tags this will help search engines determine the relevance and importance of the keywords for that blog post. Even more importantly tags can help you in blog search engines and social bookmarking sites.

Every successful blog assigns tags to each entry. Those tags help the search engines find your blog but more importantly, the tags help those searching such social networking sites as Technorati to find your blog.

The most successful blog is the blog that is FOUND… DISCOVERED… AND READ!

A great blog with incredible posts that nobody reads is not a successful blog!

I just found such a blog today. It was a great blog that I had literally stumbled upon about a year ago. Today I went back and the last post I saw was the last post on the blog. It was a Typepad blog with great content which was poorly tagged.

It’s been my experience that a great post that is poorly tagged can still get some attention when it’s posted to a self hosted WordPress blog. However, from what I’ve seen, good tagging is ESSENTIAL with Typepad.

Before you post that next entry… tag it! If you’re using WordPress… it’s right below where you type your post!

Tagging is an essential key to create a successful blog.

Successful Blogging Begins With Knowing Your Audience

Writing a blog isn’t too terribly different from other kinds of writing. Whether you want write a book…. or a blog…. or even a sales letter, if you want your writing to be successful, you need to write with your audience in mind.

For example, if you’re writing about Senator Hillary Clinton, you’d better be WELL aware of where your audience stands with regards to Ms. Clinton. If your audience is comprised of right wing conservatives, then Madame Hillary is evil. If on the other hand, your audience is comprised of left wing liberals, then your take on Ms. Clinton will be decidedly different.

However, knowing your audience goes far BEYOND political leanings. (If you aren’t sure to whom you’re speaking, leave politics and religion OUT of your writing.) If your audience is small business owners, then their interests are radically different than the interests of middle managers or even CEO’s of larger companies.

By keeping your audience in mind from the beginning, you make the marketing of your book, ebook or blog easier and more effective.

Start with the end in mind…. the end being who will be reading the magical words that you write.