Increase Blog Traffic with Seach Engine Optimization Tricks in Mind

Increasing blog traffic is important to your blog’s success.  One way to increase blog traffic is to write blog posts and blog titles with keywords in mind. Another way to increase blog traffic is to keep other search engine optimization tricks in mind.

An often overlooked blogging technique which helps to increase blog traffic is internal linking.  Internal linking is them “SEO term” for the practice of linking one post to other posts on your blog.

The reason why internal linking is called a search engine optimization trick is that by linking to your own posts, you are in fact performing an act of SEO (search engine optimization).

See, the search engines are a lot like the character on the  educational television show Sesame Street.  Remember the Count?  He is a character who helps small children learn to count by counting everything that crosses his path.

Well, the search engines share the Count’s passion for counting.  When the search engines come to index your blog, each bot begins to count the number of links to each blog post.  In Google, the number of links counts HEAVILY towards the PR or Page Rank assigned to a page or a post in your blog.

Many bloggers tend to focuson the number of incoming links to their blog without considering that some of the best links are those that come from inside the blog – or internal linking.

Internal linking allows you to not only increase the number of links to a page, but it also serves to highlight your best blog posts for your readers as well.

When creating internal links, you have the added advantage of having control over the “anchor text” used to create those links.

Anchor text is the text which is hyperlinked.  The keywords you use to create your blog post should also be reflected in your anchor text.  Instead of creating a link that says “Click Here” be sure to create your links with the text you want the search engines to use to index the page.  For example, instead of creating a link that says “click here” I’d instead create a link using the words how to blog. The search engines are then created to say to themselves, “Hey – this post must be about “how to blog” since there’s an incoming link to it that says “how to blog”.

This is by no means the depth and breadth of blog SEO – but the journey of a thousand miles begins with just a single step.  Use the proper keywords and then linking to other blog posts within your blog posts are two great steps towards getting more traffic to your blog using basic Search Engine Optimization techniques.

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