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I was recently looking at the log files of a blog client of mine. She wanted to know how she could see how many visitors had found her blog and I was preparing to give her what I thought would be bad news.

See, she had only posted 15 articles to her blog… 3 of them poems. She hadn’t been tagging her posts… she hadn’t focused on essential keywords… and she hadn’t been posting regularly.

Imagine my surprise when I saw she had already snagged almost 200 visitors that month to her brand new blog. She then told me that 25 of them had signed up for her newsletter. I WAS STUNNED!

When I looked at the keywords which were driving traffic to her blog, I saw the reason for her amazing blog success: she had chosen a GREAT blog name and domain name for her blog.

Because she had started with a great blog name, her blog was already taking off… despite all the “blogging mistakes” she was making!

Great Blog Names

If there is one KEY to a great blog name it’s to include a highly desired keyword in the domain name of the blog.

A keyword is just another way of saying “words people actually use to find information on the internet”.

There are lots of free tools you can use to find a great keyword for your blog’s domain name.  One is the Google keyword tool.  Another great free keyword research tool is provided for free by Wordtracker.

In addition to researching keywords, you can also use Google Insights to see if your chosen keywords are “on the rise”.

A great blog name with relevant keywords can provide a solid foundation of relevant traffic right from the start!

Once you’ve found a great keyword which your audience is using to find products/services/answers on the internet – the next step is to register a domain name that contains that keyword combination.

The rule of thumb is – generally .com domain names do better than any of the others.

If you can’t find that SPECIFIC keyword combination – try mixing it up and adding other words to the mix.  GoDaddy is real good about offering suggestions when you search for domain names there.

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The best blog name is one that instantly conveys to your audience what your blog is all about.  When you include that information in your domain name as well – it can be the beginning of a beautiful (and successful) blog.

Starting with a great blog name is a key to blogging success.   If you’re looking for other essentials you need to create a successful blog check out the Virtual Impax Essential Tools for Blogging Success.

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