Domain name primer

When I registered my first business domain name back in 1997 (1998 according to the domain name records people but I disagree) the correct spelling of my chosen business name was taken by a web development firm in Texas.

So, instead of using the “hooked on phonics” version, I picked up my “street” version of the spelling. Thus Virtual Impax was launched.

I spent the next few years carefully spelling my email address and my business name over the phone… over and over again.

Then, a few years ago, I saw that the CORRECT spelling of my business name was available, I picked it up. (Did I win… or did they? As I work too many hours, I wonder!)

If I had it to do over again…. I’d pick a domain name that SPEAKS about my business…. like I did here.

Make My Blog Successful contains keywords that are important to my potential audience. Because it contains “blog” and “success” when I emerge from the sandbox, I’ll get a nice little boost on those keywords. After all, they’re important enough to be included in my domain name, so they MUST be important!

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Kathy Hendershot-Hurd is a digital dinosaur who's been playing on the web since 1994 - and working here since she founded Virtual Impax where she shares many resources you can use to create a successful blog.

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