The biggest blogging lesson of all

The past 8 blogging lesson posts have been focusing on the lessons you can learn about blogging from the 7th Season of The Next Food Network Star.   In the final episode – the payoff was huge for one contestant who kept his focus and his message tightly defined and on target.

From the very first episode, Jeff Mauro stuck with a single theme for his proposed Food Network Show.  He proclaimed himself the “sandwich king” and promised to help viewers “make any meal a sandwich and make any sandwich a meal.”

Week after week – Jeff made sandwiches for various challenges.  While fellow finalists Vic vacillated between “Vic Vegas” and Mama’s Boy – Jeff kept making great sandwiches.  While Susie flipped from one theme to another throughout the contest – Jeff kept focusing on making meals out of sandwiches – and sandwiches out of meals.

Jeff’s focus and dedication to a tightly focused theme helped him to win Season 7 of the Next Food Network Star.    However, he couldn’t have kept that focus if sandwiches were not his passion.

So what can bloggers learn from Jeff’s win on this series?

  1. Find your voice – and don’t be afraid to get personal
    Jeff talks about his hometown – Chicago – and his son with whom he hopes to share a love of food and cooking with someday.  Those stories help viewers make a connection with Jeff.
  2. Presentation is everything.
    From staying religiously focused on a central theme, to making his “message” match his “look” – Jeff did a great job of creating the “total package” which is what Food Network executives were seeking.
  3. Never give up – never surrender
    While he’s the “winner” of this show – Jeff entered this competition as a “failed” comedian.  However, he took the lessons he learned performing his comedy act and applied them to his passion – making sandwiches.   Jeff’s not a professional chef – but he beat out several professional chefs to earn his own show on America’s hottest food channel.

Now – take these blogging lessons and apply them to your own blog.

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