Blogging Lesson: Find your voice

This blogging lesson comes courtesy of Season 7 Episode #5 of The Next Food Network Star.

Blogging Lesson:  Find your voice to connect with your audience

In this episode – Guy Fieri schools the contestants on the fine art of interviewing cooks and restaurant owners for his popular show “Diners, Drive ins and Dives”.   For the elimination challenge – contestants are informed that their cooking demonstrations will the be the live entertainment during a 4th of July celebration.

Vic really shined during this challenge… he donned a pink wig and really put on a show.  With his shaved head and heavily inked, bulging biceps -Vic’s presentation was definitely unexpected. However, at the end of his presentation – he gave an invitation to the audience to come to his booth so he could get to know members of the audience better. It was a heart felt invitation – which could have come across as phony or fake if he really didn’t mean it.

Here’s Bob Tushman’s take on this week’s challenge.

Vic genuinely wants to get to know his audience and that’s an essential element of success for any blogger. If you don’t know your audience – you can’t know what they want from you!

Of course, Justin D was eliminated this week – because he failed to learn from the 2nd episode’s second elimination – you have to be focused.

Justin D has spent the entire competition trying to “find” himself. He went from hip hop guy to southern fried home boy and everywhere in between. The time to experiment with different characters and persona was BEFORE the competition began.

One of the great things about blogging is you don’t have to arrive at your blog “camera ready”. Unlike the Next Food Network Star – you can take some time to experiment and “find your voice”. However, don’t expect your blog to find an audience until you’ve found your voice. As Bob Tushman said of Justin D – when he watched him jump from character to character – he was confused and as a result – he mentally “checked out”.

Justin D hadn’t found his voice – but Vic was well on his way to finding his. Vic’s invitation for the audience to come and introduce themselves to him helps Vic in future episodes to “find his voice”. In Episode #5 – he’s still “Vic Vegas” – but as he gets to know his audience – he changes his voice to reflect what his audience wants to hear from him.

Additional Blogging Lesson: Once you’ve found your voice, get to know your audience – learn why they’re at your blog so you can give them exactly what they want.

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