Blogging Lesson: Engage and hold your audience

This blogging lesson comes courtesy of Season 7 Episode #6 of The Next Food Network Star.

Blogging Lesson: Engage and hold your audience

The finalists are divided into groups of three and the challenge is to create a unique concept for a food truck.  From promotion to advertising, the contestants are challenged to meld their own unique “brands” into a single cohesive concept.   The ads are shown to viewers who must then choose a single truck to visit.

The contestants had to not only work well with their team mates – but they still had to retain their own unique “voice” and maintain a connection with the audience and their food.

Giada shares her impression of this stage of the competition:

Orchid was eliminated from this challenge because she couldn’t “grab” the audience and hold them.  So while she began the competition as one of the strongest competitors – she was eliminated from the challenge in this episode because she just couldn’t hold her own when sharing the spot light with other “larger than life” personalities.

Giada says in the clip above “They only have 10 weeks to come out of their shell, say this is what I want and who I am – and this is what I want to say.”

Fortunately – when it comes to blogging –  you’ve got more than 10 weeks to accomplish this huge task.  You don’t have to be “camera ready” from your first blog post.  If you’re like many bloggers, you’ll probably discover that it takes hundreds of blog posts to really “find your voice” and be able to say, “this is who I am – this is what I want to say and this is how I choose to say it.”

In episode #5 – the blogging lesson was to “get to know your audience and find your voice” .  It’s essential to learn that lesson before you can hope to accomplish this week’s lesson which is to engage and hold your audience.

Blogging Lesson: It’s essential to engage and hold your audience’s attention because – just like on TV – your readers can easily “change” to another blog or website.

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