Blogging Lesson: Embrace the Journey

This blogging lesson comes courtesy of Season 7 Episode #7 of The Next Food Network Star .

Blogging Lesson #1: Embrace the Journey

It’s “midterms” for the show – and once again two contestants are eliminated in a single show.  The first challenge is for the contestants to prepare and present their “signature” dish. Chris was the first to be eliminated because – in Bob Tuschman’s words he was “a walking apology”. Chris apologized constantly because he didn’t feel his food was good enough.

Ok – I know I told you in a previous blogging lesson that you must be an expert – but even experts are still growing and learning.  This continual growth and learning makes EXCELLENT blog fodder.

Chris was a good chef – but he wasn’t confident in his expertise.  He was afraid to let his food do the talking for him – so he adopted a “party frat boy” persona to try to cover up his lack of confidence.

Blogging Lesson #2: Is also to “embrace the journey”.

Penny was the 2nd to be eliminated from this show – and the core reason for her elimination was she couldn’t “embrace the journey”.

Penny was so focused on “winning” and eliminating her competitors that she didn’t enjoy the competition – and that lead not only to many confrontations with other contestants – but her eventual elimination from the show.

Wherever your blog is today – it’s not where it will be tomorrow or the next day.  Too often – beginning bloggers look at other more established blogs and see polished perfection.  What they didn’t see were the early days – when that blogger was still trying to find an authentic voice.

I’ve had way too many clients begin blogging for their business – and then get discouraged because they didn’t see instant results.  After a few weeks of blogging, one of my clients gave up and ignored her blog for almost 18 months.  She contacted me and asked  me to cancel it just as I was performing yet another WordPress update.  I logged in to see that she had 9 comments from blog readers who had found her blog posts and wanted to know more about hiring her as their coach.

When I let this client know what was “hiding” in the unapproved blog comments on her blog – she changed her mind about canceling it and has since used that blog to fill her coaching practice.  Even though my client hadn’t been blogging for a while – her old blog posts were being displayed to people who were searching for exactly the service she was offering.

If you’re an expert – then you should be blogging.  If you’re on your WAY to being an expert – you should be blogging.   Share what you know – and acknowledge what you don’t know – as a way to build credibility and authority with your audience.

Don’t view other bloggers as “competition” – view them as fellow bloggers who are all striving for a similar goal.

When you embrace the journey – you quit trying to “compete” with everyone else in the blog0sphere – and instead focus on your voice – and sharing your expertise.  Then you’ll find your blog will begin to blossom.


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