Blogging Lesson: Bring the reader into your world

This blogging lesson comes courtesy of Season 7 Episode #8 of The Next Food Network Star.

Blogging Lesson: Draw the reader in

Our blogging lesson from this episode isn’t from the show itself – but rather the words of Bob Tuschman as he explains what’s necessary to be a “star”.

Food Network Stars come in many different styles.

Maybe you’re like Ina – you’re not “out there” – you’re not “in their face” – you’re not a “born performer”  but you’ve got a lot of knowledge to share. Ina’s love of food – and desire to share that love – are what gives her a unique “star” status on Food Network.

Meanwhile, Rachel Ray is bubbly, vivacious and outgoing.  She’s “out there” – she’s “in your face” – she’s a “born performer”.   Rachel brings more than enough enthusiasm to make up for any “lack” of cooking expertise she may have.

Then there’s Bobby Flay – one of the judges for the Next Food Network Star.  Bobby isn’t reticent – but he isn’t bubbly either.  What he brings to the table is expertise and his own unique point of view – which is anything but narrow.  He has a show on BBQing on Food Network – he’s known for his love of southwestern influences on his cooking – and he’s a renowned hamburger aficionado.  Three different themes which are all uniquely Bobby Flay.

What all o9f these stars share is the ability to bring the viewer into their world – something Jyll the contestant eliminated from this episode was not able to do.

Jyll was constantly being chided by the judges for being too “news anchor like”.  Jyll reported the “news” which was the food she was cooking – and delivered the news well.  However, she was missing the “spark” needed to elevate her to the level of Next Food Network Star.

In the end – Jyll was eliminated because she was – in Bob Tuschman’s words,  “a train going down five different tracks”.  Jyll wasn’t focused – she hadn’t found her voice – and in the end – that caused her to be eliminated from the competition.

If you’re not focused – if you haven’t found your voice – then you can’t be expected to draw the reader into your world.  Don’t rush the process.  It takes longer for some than for others.  Keep blogging though and you’ll find your way.

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