Blogging Lesson: Keep the positive front and center

What you can learn about blogging by watching Season 7 Episode #3 of The Next Food Network Star:

Blogging Lesson: Keep the positive front and center

The challenge for this episode was to first use chocolate to create a dinner dish – and then to create a memorable dessert.

Alicia runs her own bakery – so she definitely has the expertise needed to be a Food Network Star.    Alicia also has the communication skills needed to be the Next Food Network Star.  However the pressure of the competition caused Alicia to crumble – and the reason she crumbled was she kept focusing on the negative – not the positive.

There’s something about human beings that attracts us to the negative.  However, it’s a short term attraction – and isn’t a good long term strategy to employ for your blog.

Recently – a client contacted me about her blog.  She was monitoring the traffic her blog posts were receiving and I was happy to hear that she was paying attention to which blog posts were “connecting” with her readers.

However, she was slightly concerned about one of her most popular posts – one in which she wrote a scathing report about a company she had decided not to take on as a client.  While she never named names in the blog post, blogging is very transparent and anyone in her industry knew exactly who she was writing about in her blog post. As a result – the blog post was getting a lot of attention and she wondered whether to keep the post up or not.

I shared a basic rule of blogging with her:

Negative blog posts always seem to get more “attention” than positive ones.

This blogging rule is only the key to “short term success”.  In the short run- a negative “gossipy” kind of blog post can definitely generate a lot of “buzz” – particularly when you’re a business owner blogging in an industry that hasn’t embraced “blogging” – yet. However, when it comes to creating a blog with long term “staying” power – keeping the positive front and center is the key to long term success.

In my client’s case – it boiled down to a matter of answering the question

“What is the purpose of your blog?”

In her case, her purpose was not to “out” assholes in her industry but rather she was blogging as a way to build trust with prospective clients.

It was then up to her to decide whether this scathing blog post would create trust with prospective clients.

Defining the purpose of your blog is critical to your blog’s success.  Often, keeping the positive “front  and center” is the best way to build a loyal audience.

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