How to Write a Blog Post – Using Images

How to Write a Blog PostThey say an image paints the picture of a thousand words – and no where is that more true than on the web.

A powerful image can sometimes serve as the ONLY content in a blog post – for other bloggers, the image is the source of the inspiration for writing the blog post.

While images are not “writing” so to speak – choosing the right image is essential to drawing the reader’s eye into your post.

You’ll notice on this blog that I use the “technique” of leading with an image.  In this case, this blog post is part of the “How to Write a Blog Post” series.  The image above is used to create a visual “connection” between the various posts within the series.

That is just one way to use images to make your blog posts easier for your readers to read.

However, while the use of images does create a sort of “visual glue” for separate blog posts – it can also be used to help “signal” the search engines as to what the blog post is all about.  In this case, the image used for the How to Write a Blog Post series is also “tagged” with the appropriate keywords for the blog posts themselves.  Since the search engines can’t “see” the image – they only have the information contained within the “alt” tag to tell them what the image is.  So, if you’re writing a blog post about potty training and terrible twos – and you’ve found the PERFECT picture of a toddler in the act of being potty trained – you can “help” the search engines by including the keyword terms “potty training” in your image’s alt tag.

So, not only do images help draw the ey into the body of the post AND help the human readers of your blog to quickly discern what this particular blog post is all about – when properly tagged, they can also alert the search engines as to what the blog post is about.

Of course, some blog themes are so “visually rich” that sometimes – using a complex image like the one above would be overkill.  In those situations – simply create an image of the dominant WORD you’ld like to focus upon and then use that as your “visual glue”.

While images are not written content – they are an important part of your blog post.

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