How to Build a Blog: Domain Names

Believe it or not, the domain name you choose for your blog can give your business blog an unfair advantage over other competing blogs.

A few years ago, I had a client who asked for help choosing a domain name prior to launching her business blog.  I asked a few questions and did a little keyword research and found a GREAT domain name for her to register for her business blog.  This domain name also served as a GREAT blog name as well.

What made this a great domain name and by extension a great blog name?  Quite simply it was a domain name which included the words her prospective clients might use to find information online.

These words – known in SEO circles as “keywords” – were included in her domain name which she registered and launched a blog for her business.

Like most beginning business bloggers, my client began business blogging with great enthusiasm.  After a few months, her enthusiasm waned and before long – her blog was sitting idle.

However because we had chosen a GREAT domain for her business blog – while the content may not have been updated consistently – the content which was on the blog grew stronger every day.

My client contacted me after more than a year of neglecting her blog – saying she wanted to cancel the blog.  Before I deleted the account, I logged in to find NINE comments from visitors asking for more information about the services this client offered.

Naturally – when I emailed the client and informed her of the unapproved comments on her blog – she changed her mind about canceling her blog.  She returned to blogging and excitedly emailed me a few months later – telling me that she had recently signed TWO new clients thanks to her blog.

The moral to this story – a great domain name can provide a SOLID foundation for future tightly targeted traffic for your blog – even if you neglect your blog for an extended period of time.

Begin by choosing a domain name that includes words prospective customers may use to find you.  Then, follow that up by creating blog posts which ALSO include those same words – known as keywords.

This one two punch may be all you need to create a blog which helps generate new business for your business.

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