Staying up to date on WordPress updates

WordPress blogs are absolutely incredible. They’re so incredibly powerful yet so easy to use. There’s only one “downside” to WordPress blogs and it relates to how easy they are to use.

WordPress is so easy to use AND it’s becoming increasingly popular. As a result, it has to be constantly updated as the “bad guys” on the web discover tiny little holes which they can utilize to take over your blog and put it to evil uses (such as spam). Some upgrades are no big deal. Others can crash your blog.

Before you install any update, first grab a back up of your database. Then, deactivate all your plug ins. Then, you’re ready to begin the update. Be sure to check the boards at to learn from the mistakes and missteps of others!

It’s your blog and it’s up to YOU to make sure the maintenance gets done.

If you don’t want all that hassle, consider an Acumen Web Services self hosted WordPress installation. Acumen Web Services offers cyber-angel hosting which means they’ll take care of the updates and upgrades for you.

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