How to Blog

You’ve heard the term bandied about like crazy these days… blogs, blogging and bloggers are definitely the buzz words of the times.  What you may not know is the what, the how and the why of blogging.

  • What is a blog?
  • How to blog?
  • Why do you want to blog?

What is a blog?

In a nutshell, a blog is simply an easy way to get content onto the web. See, back in the 1990’s, if you wanted to share your thoughts and ideas via the web, you either had to learn to program in HTML or find someone you could pay who knew how to program in HTML. Then, around the turn of the century, a new way to get content onto the web emerged. Known as Weblogs, these blog predecessors allowed people who didn’t know or didn’t WANT to know HTML to get their thoughts and feelings onto the web.

Little by little, blogs grew in popularity. Then internet marketers discovered that, “HEY! My WordPress blog is doing much better in the search engines than my HTML websites!” Thus the explosion of blogging began.

Of course, there are other blogging platforms other than WordPress, but WordPress is the darling of the internet marketing crowd with good reason – with the right selection of plug ins, a WordPress blog can do very well when it comes to the search engines and SERPS.

A blog is simply an easy way to get content onto the web.

It’s that simple.  If you produce good content, then a self hosted WordPress blog can definitely help your quality content rise to the top of the search results.

How to Blog

For some people, blogging is merely a way to share their thoughts, their dreams and their experiences.  From weight loss to life changes such as death and divorce, people have blogged about the human condition for almost a decade now.

If that’s your goal… to simply share your thoughts and ideas, then head over to or and set up a free account.  You’ll find it quite easy to get started blogging.  If you can write in a word processing program, then you can blog.

However, there are a lot of pepople who have different goals for their blog.  Some want their blog to be their business and to earn money with their blog.  (Money is earned by first developing a devoted audience and then selling ad space on the blog.)  Others want to use their blog to create marketing magic for their business.

For those who want to earn income from their blog, I have to encourage you to begin thinking like a business person.  Just as you wouldn’t expect to start any other business without a single penny invested in inventory, supplies or even office space, don’t expect to launch and run a business oriented blog from a free blog account.  When asked what they would change about their blogging experience, many successful “accidental” bloggers will say the biggest mistake they made starting out was not starting out on a self hosted blog.

Why do you want to blog?

You may have heard that blogging is your way to fame and fortune, and it may just be your ticket. However, if you do find fame and fortune thanks to blogging, the magic will be yours and not because of a blog.

Blogging is but another way to communicate.  A century ago, communicating with the masses meant writing a book or an article in the newspaper.  Today we can communicate by publishing content to the web.

Blogs are simply an easy to use CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM to easily and effectively get your content out of your head and onto the web!

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