How Can I Create a Blog

You may have heard that a blog is easy to use.  You may have heard that a blog is a great way to make money online.  You may have heard that a blog is an easy to use way to promote your business.  What you haven’t heard is the answer to the question :

How can I create a blog?

The answer to the question “How can I create a blog” can be deceptively easy and yet deceptively hard.  See, launching a blog can be EASY!  Simply go to  Create and account and in less than 5 minutes, you’ll have your own blog.

See, that’s what I mean by the deceptively easy answer to the question, “How can I create a blog?”  It sounds easy and it IS easy.

Creating a blog is REALLY, REALLY EASY!!!

Creating a successful blog is REALLY, REALLY HARD!

Just the other day, I was doing a blog consultation with a client.  She used my blog launch service Acumen Web Services to launch her blog and we were working on the advanced blog building techniques I cover in my 8 Week Power Blog Launch course.

One of the techniques I teach in the course is to make comments on other blogs.  By commenting on other blogs you’ll not only be making valuable connections but you also leave “breadcrumb trails” from these other blogs to your blog.

The 8 Week Power Blog Launch course has 56 daily lessons.  The lessons tell you not only to leave comments but how to find the BEST blogs where to leave comments.  Some blogs are better than others for you to leave those important “breadcrumb trail” comments.

Creating a blog is easy – creating a successful blog is surprisingly hard.  However, the 8 Week Power Blog Launch takes you step by step through the process of creating a successful blog.

Whether you want to create a blog so you can start making money blogging or you want to create a blog as a marketing tool to promote your business, pick up a copy of the 8 Week Power Blog Launch.

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Kathy Hendershot-Hurd is a digital dinosaur who's been playing on the web since 1994 - and working here since she founded Virtual Impax where she shares many resources you can use to create a successful blog.

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