Blogging for Dollars

It sounds like the ideal job – doesn’t it?  Launch a blog – write about what you want to write about and wait for the cash to come ROLLING in.

One website promises the following:

Own a cash-generating business about your favorite hobbies or interests! You decide what you will blog about.

  • Get quickly out of debt while enjoying longer vacations and driving nicer cars!
  • Your blog will never sleep! It’s online, making money when you’re working, playing and even sleeping!
  • Generate additional wealth! With a blog you can keep your day job and blog for a few minutes a day to create a huge supplemental income!

Wow – what’s not to love.  I can create a HUGE supplemental income by just writing about the things that interest me.

Did I mention that the site above offers to share all of this with you – for FREE!!!

Unfortunately, creating an income through blogging is neither fast nor easy.

Not by a long shot.

I find it interesting to note that the biggest “perpetrators” of these blogging schemes are not actively blogging themselves.  The website making the promises above is not a blog – it’s a static one page website.

In Blogs and the Art of Deception, I write about an online hustler who has created a website that LOOKS like a blog – complete with “fake comments” to gain your trust – and your credit card information.  When I did a search on the term “blogging for dollars”, I found the website mentioned above and it has it’s own set of “deceptive practices” – all in pursuit of the goal of getting you to TRUST the site in question as “legitimate”.

Unfortunately, I’ve actually gotten phone calls from the desperate people who have been duped by these con artists.  The most heart breaking phone calls I get are from the people who have spent their life savings – often in the $8K range – to invest in one of these “make money online” programs –  only to discover that blogging for dollars is neither fast nor easy.

Sometimes people have to get duped before they get “smart”.   I wish I could “save” them from the experience – and try to do so with this blog and others.  However, some will realize that there really IS incredible potential online – that blogs really ARE an easy way for someone without a lot of “tech savvy” to create a web presence online and they’ll  start looking for REAL answers.

Sometimes, they’ll stumble upon my Blog Power Launch program.  Other times, they’ll pick up a copy of my book Beyond the Niche: Essential Tools You Need to Create Marketing Messages that Deliver Results.

When I’m telling the tale – I’ll be sure to let you know that it isn’t quick – it isn’t easy – but if you know what you’re doing – and you’ve got a sound marketing strategy behind what you’re doing – then there is definitely a great income to be made blogging.

One essential key to blogging for dollars is creating posts that people will use to find the content you’re offering.  This requires using KEYWORDS effectively.  Pick up a copy of the now free report – Fast Track to Blogging Success to learn more about how to create a blog that will generate revenue for you.

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